Vincent Grange

Dorothy’s Closet - v2 (2024)
Dorothy’s Closet - v1 (2024)
La voisine qui en savait trop (2024)
The House of Dorothy - v2 (2024) 
Entre 70 et 75 degrés (2024)

The House of Dorothy - v1 (2023)

Bonnie (2023)

First Encounter (2022)

Maison Sauvage (2022)

KETA1000 (2021)

L’Allégorie de la Caverne (2021)



Upcoming exhibitions:
11.2024: Ljubljana Biennial of Design (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
01.2025: Bourses Déliées du Fonds Cantonal d’Art Contemporain 

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Convinced that visitors are more inclined to think with the artist when emerged inside an artwork, Vincent specializes in spatial installations. Inspired by the ‘Pataphysics movement, he questions the norms of our heteronormative society by creating alternate realities. The architecture, artifacts and different machines he creates, invite visitors to interpret each design decision, and decipher the - often absurd - story he is trying to tell.

Alongside colleages from his master Space and Communication at HEAD Genève (Haute Ecole d’Art et Design), he co-founded the Collectif Kimera, in charge of ->Espace Dukat, a new art space based in Geneva. In parallel, he has also co-founded ->Souplex Atelier with friend and colleague Tanguy Troubat, where he works as a scenographer and art director.

Upcoming exhibitions:
21.06.2024: Lae Fol, l’Aube et l’Étoile - Espace Dukat (Carouge, Switzerland) 
21.11.2024: Ljubljana Biennial of Design (BIO28) (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 
01.2025: Bourses Déliées du Fonds Cantonal d’Art Contemporain (Geneva, Switzerland)

Past exhibitions:
10.06.2024-16.06.2024: Swiss Art Awards (ArtBasel) - Prix Kiefer Hablitzel Göhner (Basel, Switzerland)
25.04.2024-05.05.2024: La Maison de Dorothy (solo show) - Printemps Carougeois (Carouge, Switzerland) Finissage with a performance of drag queen Princesse Genderfuck
02.2024: Popote - Espace Dukat (Carouge, Switzerland)
2023-2024: Earth: a retrospective - Bombas-Gens (Valencia, Spain)
06.2023: HEAD Final Show 2023 - Le Cube, HEAD (Geneva, Switzerland)
06.2023: Love Pride - Café des Fiertés (Geneva, Switzerland)
02.2023: Physical Editing - Le Cube, HEAD (Geneva, Switzerland)

Swiss Art Awards 2024, ->Prix Kiefer Hablitzel Göhner - Winner
Bourse Déliée du Fonds Cantonal d’Art Contemporain (FCAC) 2023 - Winner
Prix Hans Wilsdorf 2023 - Finalist

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IG: @grgvico